Framing Jigsaw Puzzles Without Glue

Framing Jigsaw Puzzles Without Glue

Jigsaw puzzles are a lot of fun, and whether you want to keep the puzzle pieces together or not is up to you. Perhaps you’re thinking of framing jigsaw puzzles without glue.

If you’ve decided to frame your puzzle but don’t want any glue, here are some tips on framing jigsaw puzzles without glue. Let’s get started.

Framing Jigsaw Puzzles Without Glue

Framing Jigsaw Puzzles Without Glue

Step 1

Place your puzzle on a cookie sheet, wax paper or piece of cardboard that sticks out a few inches past the actual fit of the puzzle. The wax paper underneath or cardboard needs to be sturdy so you can flip the finished puzzle over. Also, an extra set of hands is always helpful when doing such a task. You may also slide a foam board for extra support. It’s crucial to make sure the backside of the puzzzle is visible and that­­­­ the nice side is facing downwards.

Puzzle 2

Cover the back of your puzzle with wide packing tape, making sure to go over all the rows. I recommend using 2-inch tape or wider. Once you’ve taped the entire back, trim off any excess and flip the puzzle over so that the front is facing up again. Flatten the puzzle using a rolling pin. You can now move puzzle board around without worrying about pieces falling off.

Step 3

If you want more supportive backing, buy some poster board from your nearby craft or stationery store.

Not Framing: If you don’t intend on framing your puzzle and want a firmer backing, consider using Poster Board or puzzle saver. It’s inexpensive and easy to attach the Puzzle to it with double-sided tape. This will come in handy when you go to hang up your masterpiece!

Framing: If you want to frame a jigsaw puzzle, don’t add poster board to the back–it will make the framed puzzles too thick.

Framing Jigsaw Puzzles Without Glue Tip

If you would like to put your puzzle on a wall, take care of where you hang it based on the conditions of the room and the amount of sunlight. Hang in an area that isn’t moist, such as near kitchens or bathrooms, because moisture will make puzzles fall apart more easily. Also, avoid hanging in extremely sunny areas or places with lots of steam such as saunas.

Final Thoughts on Framing Jigsaw Puzzles Without Glue

When it’s all said and done, you now have a beautiful framed jigsaw puzzle without using any puzzle glue! It may take some time and effort, but the end result of framed puzzle will be worth it. And if you ever want to solve the completed puzzles again, just remove the tape and cardboard backing. It will be so much fun.

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