What Is the Hardest Jigsaw Puzzle in the World?

hardest jigsaw puzzle in the world

If you want to give your brain a workout, try solving some puzzles. They’ll help you think outside the box and come up with new solutions. Here are some of the hardest jigsaw puzzle in the world

Jigsaw puzzles are a fun way to keep your brain active, like board games and crosswords. But if you solve puzzles often, you might need challenging jigsaw puzzle to maintain a challenge.

For a real challenge, scroll down and try to solve these difficult jigsaw puzzles. Even the most experienced solvers will have a hard time with these brain teasers.

hardest jigsaw puzzle in the world

What Is the Hardest Jigsaw Puzzle in the World?

Educa Amsterdam Puzzle

The center of this 3,000 piece puzzle is a vibrant red–which will be easy to put together. The entire puzzle of the black and white pieces? Not so much.

Beverly Micro Pure White Hell Jigsaw Puzzle

If you’re looking for challenging problem solving, try this 1,000-piece jigsaw puzzle. With tiny pieces and an all-white image, it’s no wonder the word “hell” is in the name just like black hell.

But like exercising, doing jigsaw puzzles is difficult but rewarding—and health promoting from the first piece to final piece. In fact, jigsaw puzzles have been shown to prolong life expectancy. So if you can’t solve this one right away, don’t worry—you’ve got time! And for more brain challenges after this one , try some of these logic puzzles .

Bgraamiens The Lines Puzzle

Although research suggests that older individuals complete black-and-white puzzles more quickly than younger adults, it’s doubtful that they will have a significant edge when working on this 1,000 number of pieces consisting only of black lines against a white background.

Buffalo Games Color Challenge Puzzle

This is one of the world’s most difficult jigsaw puzzles. It is more difficult to finish because of the color gradients and 1,000 pieces. Some research has found that boys have stronger visual-spatial skills, but a study recently showed that girls are actually much faster at completing jigsaw puzzles even double sided. One reason why they’re better at it is strategy; they know how to go about solving the puzzle quicker.

Sharp Brain Zone 3D Wooden Brain Teaser Puzzle

It may look easy, but this complex, Tetris-like version adds a new challenge for puzzle lovers used to working in two dimensions. “3D puzzles and Rubik’s cubes are truly challenging as they are, with no need to add additional complexity,” Danesi says. Check out these brainteasers to help train your mind.

Bgraamiens Flowing Rainbow Lines Puzzle

While this puzzle is definitely a challenge to complete, it’s worth it just to see the beautiful design. It’s full of breathtaking colorful lines that create a 3D effect, making it a little different than your average 1,000-piece puzzle. For practice, see if you can solve the hardest puzzle ever.

Bgraamiens Blooming Color Puzzle

If you start your jigsaw puzzling at the corners, you’re in trouble with this 1,000-piece puzzle. The round shape and intricate colors could leave you puzzling for a while—though that may be a good thing. Researchers believe that long-term puzzling could boost your cognition skills as you age.

Bgraamiens Indian Feather Puzzle

The round shape and repetitive pattern of this 1,000-piece puzzle could make it hard for you to puzzle out where each piece goes. If you’re looking for another challenge, see if you can solve Einstein’s riddle.

Final Thoughts on What Is the Hardest Jigsaw Puzzle in the World

There’s no one puzzle that can be definitively deemed the hardest jigsaw puzzle in the world—it all depends on individual skill level and preferences. But these intricate and challenging puzzles are sure to give even the most experienced puzzlers a run for their money. So break out your puzzling skills, grab some glue, and get ready for a challenge.

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