What to Do With Jigsaw Puzzles When Finished?

What to Do With Jigsaw Puzzles When Finished

Doing a jigsaw puzzle is an excellent method to de-stress and unwind while still engaging your intellect, but what do you do when the last piece has been put in place? It’s nice looking at this difficult thing you’ve conquered, but as that sense of achievement subsides, here are some ideas for what to do with your finished jigsaw puzzle.

1. Take A Picture

The first thing to do is the most important step with finished puzzles. That jigsaw won’t snap itself! Take a beautiful shot of your completed product so you’ll never forget the rewarding experience. And, for the love of god, make sure there’s adequate natural light in the room.

Take a fantastic shot of your jigsaw and develop a memorable description using the above information (puzzle pieces, material, size, and condition) In this space, provide a one-to-two-sentence narrative to personalize your puzzle.

When you sell your completed jigsaw puzzles, you’ll get a lot more money. To take the huge pieces and stick them on a pole, decorate to your liking, and use as a centerpiece, place them in this way. This is also effective at weddings for seating plans, placecards, and table decoration.

2. Glue It, Frame It

You may use a variety of home goods to attach your puzzle together, from basic glue, puzzle glue or Mod Podge to Duct tape. After that, you can hang it in your house and frame it. Do enough puzzles and you’ll have some beautiful décor and ambience in your home.

A number of Jigsaw Puzzle framing options have become available. After all, a finished puzzle is simply another form of art, and you’ve spent time and effort to build it, so why not showcase it proudly on your wall? Customers frequently inquire about how to frame their completed puzzle. So, why not use your creative talents to create something unique out of the fantastic jigsaw puzzle? A quick search on Pinterest will provide you with plenty of fresh and interesting suggestions. There’s so much you can do with a completed jigsaw puzzle, from holiday ornaments to picture frames to gift tags.

3. Become A Good, Old-Fashioned Hoarder

Why should you get rid of it? Why do you want to trash a perfectly finished jigsaw puzzles? Simply break it down and place it in the stacks of other puzzles that you already have (or will have). You’ll be able to assemble all your jigsaws at once, so you may put them together later.

4. Gift Your Completed Puzzles To Your Bestie

You spend time with your pals because you have a lot of common interests, after all. Why not give the gift of offline pleasure to your buddies on their next birthday or holiday? You may also offer it as a “just because” present—you’ll make major points with your friends that way. Puzzle solving with your friends is a great way to spend your free time.

5. Post Pictures Of It On Your Dating Profile

Consider this: aren’t most puzzle solvers bright? And, wouldn’t other people searching for love prefer a partner who isn’t stupid as rocks? You may demonstrate your intellect to your potential hookups by claiming you’re “someone who does puzzles” and providing proof.

6. Host A Puzzle Party

Break down the sections of the puzzle and keep them in separate bags. Then have some friends over, put everyone into teams, and see how long it takes each group to finish a part. It’s a great party game as well as a means for you guys to put your phones away for five minutes, okay?

7. Take It To A Bachelor(ette) Party Weekend

Cuddle Puddle and Hot Dog are fantastic puzzles to play on your bachelorette weekend. There will be some time when you’re hungover from the Jello shots, tired from the dancing and the strippers, and just want to sit around and relax for a minute. Now is the time to break out your jigsaw puzzle! It will also help you stay sharp for the next night of debauchery.

8. Do A Pushup On It

That’s what we’ve been saying. This is roughly how it sounds. Can you do a perfect push up on the puzzle without breaking it? Why? Because we ARE Daring YOU.

9. Use It To Make Art

You can do it too! What does that Etsy guy have that you don’t have? This artist, for example, takes puzzles with the same die cut and combines them to create beautiful puzzle mashes. Give it a go by tagging #puzzlemashup on Instagram after you’ve completed it.

10. Do It Again, But Faster

So, how did you do? You solved the riddle in 4 hours? Time yourself and see if you can construct it faster the next time. Take a good look at the completed product to figure out where all of the pieces go, then take it apart and scatter everything around. Take another shot at it to see if you can improve your sorting.Your perfectly optimized content goes here!

11.Share on Social Media

Don’t forget to include a fantastic caption, such as the reason you decided to complete this particular puzzle, such as a family holiday or a piece of great art that you like. You could enter a description of how you felt when putting the puzzle together, whether happy, calm, or enthusiastic. You might also describe how difficult you thought the puzzle was and give it marks out fades away once you finish assembling the tiles, but it will regrow after a few years — trust me! If you have many puzzles, try something new.

12. Make a Photo Collage

Crop, resize and enhance photos of the puzzle before posting it on your Facebook page or sharing them with your friends directly from Instagram, Tumblr or Pinterest! You can also use apps like Canva to create collages using different elements from the puzzle as well as other photos.

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