How to Take Apart a Jigsaw Puzzle: Preserving the Art of Puzzling

how to take apart a jigsaw puzzle

Jigsaw puzzles have been a source of joy, challenge, and satisfaction for generations. Whether you’ve completed a beautiful image, created fond memories, or are ready to embark on a new puzzle, the time may come when you want to take apart a jigsaw puzzle. This guide will provide you with step-by-step instructions on how to take apart a jigsaw puzzle and tips on how to disassemble a puzzle while keeping the pieces intact for future use or as a puzzle saver.

How to Take Apart a Jigsaw Puzzle

Start with Patience and Care

Before diving into the disassembly process, it’s crucial to approach it with patience and care. Rushing the task may result in damaged puzzle pieces or missing pieces, spoiling the satisfaction of the completed puzzle. Enjoy the process of unraveling your creation, knowing that you can relive the joy of assembling it again.

how to take apart a jigsaw puzzle

Identify Edge Pieces

Begin by identifying and separating the edge pieces of the puzzle. These pieces often have a straight edge and form the border of the entire puzzle. Sorting them out first provides a clear starting point for dismantling the puzzle systematically.

Separate Puzzle Pieces by Section

To maintain organization, work on one section of the puzzle at a time. Gently lift and separate connected puzzle pieces, focusing on a specific area until all pieces are detached. This method helps prevent confusion and ensures that the puzzle can be easily reassembled.

Use a Rolling Pin and Poster Board

For larger puzzles or those adhered to a surface, a rolling pin and poster board can be useful tools. Carefully roll the rolling pin over the puzzle surface, applying even pressure. Place a poster board under the puzzle to support the pieces as they come loose. This technique is particularly handy for puzzles that are glued or mounted.

Preserve the Puzzle’s Shape

While taking apart the puzzle, pay attention to preserving its shape. If the puzzle is in a frame, consider removing it gently to access the pieces. Taking precautions to keep the puzzle intact ensures that the pieces fit together seamlessly when reassembled.

how to take apart a jigsaw puzzle

Save Puzzle Pieces for Future Fun

Not all puzzles are meant to be completed just once. If you plan to revisit the same puzzle or use its pieces for a new creation, store the pieces in a puzzle saver or a carefully labeled container. This way, you can enjoy the challenge of assembling the same puzzle again or use the pieces for a different, creative project.

Dealing with Missing Pieces

In the unfortunate event of missing pieces, don’t despair. Sometimes, puzzle manufacturers provide replacement pieces. Reach out to the manufacturer, and they might be able to assist you in completing your puzzle.

Puzzle Preservation Tips

Use Puzzle Glue for Permanent Assembly

If you want to preserve your completed puzzle as a piece of art, consider using puzzle glue. Apply the glue evenly across the entire puzzle surface, ensuring all pieces are securely attached. Once dry, your puzzle becomes a permanent masterpiece, ready for framing and display.

Frame Your Puzzle for an Artistic Touch

For a more polished look, frame your completed puzzle. Choose a frame that complements the puzzle’s theme and size. This not only showcases your puzzling achievement but also protects the puzzle from dust and damage.

Store Puzzle Pieces in an Organized Manner

When saving puzzle pieces for future use, store them in a puzzle saver or a container with dividers. Keeping pieces organized by color or section simplifies the reassembly process and minimizes frustration.

Final Thoughts

Taking apart a jigsaw puzzle is an interesting and rewarding process that allows you to revisit the joy of assembling it. Whether you’re preserving the puzzle as a work of art or preparing to embark on a new puzzling adventure, following these steps ensures a smooth disassembly process. Happy puzzling!

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