Top 20 Jigsaw Puzzle Quotes

jigsaw puzzles
  1. I wanna make a jigsaw puzzle that’s 40,000 pieces. And when you finish it, it says ‘go outside.’ — Demetri Martin
  2. Even if all parts of a problem seem to fit together like the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle, one has to remember that the probable need not necessarily be the truth and the truth is not always probable. — Sigmund Freud
  3. Not every puzzle is intended to be solved. Some are in place to test your limits. Others are, in fact, not puzzles at all. — Vera Nazarian
  4. To me acting is like a jigsaw puzzle. The jigsaw puzzle is of the sky and all the pieces are blue. Out of this you have to create a human being and put it together. — Henry Winkler
  5. I’m a messenger. I’m one piece of a giant jigsaw puzzle. — Simon Sinek
  6. Our whole life is solving puzzles. — Erno Rubik

  1. Life is like a jigsaw puzzle, you have to see the whole picture, then put it together piece by piece! — Terry McMillan
  2. The historian has before him a jigsaw puzzle from which many pieces have disappeared. These gaps can be filled only by his imagination. — Gaetano Salvemini
  3. Marriage is very difficult. Marriage is like a five-thousand-piece jigsaw puzzle, all sky. — Cathy Ladman
  4. Finding a photograph is often like picking up a piece from a jigsaw-puzzle box with the cover missing. There’s no sense of the whole. Each image is a mysterious part of something not yet revealed. — Susan Meiselas
  5. Your hand fits mine like the last piece of a jigsaw puzzle. — Jodi Picoult
  6. So now it is time to disassemble the parts of the jigsaw puzzle or to piece another one together, for I find that, having come to the end of my story, my life is just beginning. — Conrad Veidt
  7. Couples are jigsaw puzzles that hang together by touching in just enough points. — Diane Ackerman
  8. I don’t think any word can explain a man’s life. — Orson Welles
  9. Science and art sometimes can touch one another, like two pieces of the jigsaw puzzle which is our human life, and that contact may be made across the borderline between the two respective domains. — M. C. Escher
  10. I’m terrible at jigsaw puzzles. Other people solve the puzzle but I just keep trying to make the pieces that don’t fit. I guess that’s what makes me special, I try to assemble jigsaw puzzles incorrectly. — Thom Yorke
  11. The problems of puzzles are very near the problems of life. — Erno Rubik
  12. Couples are jigsaw puzzles that hang together by touching in just enough points. They’re never total fits or misfits. In time, a pair invents its own commonwealth, complete with anthems, rituals, and lingos-a cult of two with fallible gods. — Diane Ackerman
  13. From this, one can make a deduction which is quite certainly the ultimate truth of jigsaw puzzles: despite appearances, puzzling is not a solitary game: every move the puzzler makes, the puzzlemaker has made before; every piece the puzzler picks up, and picks up again, and studies and strokes, every combination he tries, and tries a second time, every blunder and every insight, each hope and each discouragement have all been designed, calculated, and decided by the other. — Georges Perec
  14. The experience of life that you and I have is pretty much a jigsaw puzzle in the box: Day-to-day experiences of disconnected pieces that don’t seem to justify the efforts we make each day. — Robert Adams
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