Organising a Large Puzzle Section so it doesn’t take over your house!

Organising a Large Puzzle Section so it doesn't take over your house

I have a thousand puzzles to keep track of! I’ve had several reorganisations over the years, and they work for me. Sometimes new pictures pop up on social media that inspire me, so if it inspires someone else too, here are some details about my collection.

green red and yellow wall

Your Location

It depends on where you have space in your home. Sometimes, a garage or space outside a shed can be a good option. I used to have my puzzles in our old house basement, but I moved almost all of them to our new home over time. A sloping ceiling can be a pain, but luckily I’ve been able to find different height shelves and deal with it from places such as Ikea and Walmart. Avoid water and dampness, extreme heat or cold if possible because these things can ruin your puzzle pieces quickly!

puzzle of town

Your Shelving Options

I’m really pleased with my adjustable wire shelving. It’s sturdy and looks nice, offering maximum flexibility as I can mix up tall shelves, medium ones or low for the slope of my ceiling. In addition, the different height posts allow me to make a custom fit depending on which kind of puzzle box I have–they’re also pretty cheap, so that helps too! You can often find suitable shelving at Ikea or Walmart, depending on where you live.

Storing Your Puzzles Vertically

I was introduced to a new idea when I discovered someone else’s puzzle collection and realised that they stored their puzzles vertically, like books. This makes it easy for each one to come out without disturbing the others and looks better too!

How to sort your Jigsaw Puzzles

For some time, I organised by brand. This has the advantage of having similar boxes next to each other. However, as my collection grew, I realised it made more sense to keep my puzzles together by category and artist. Ravensburger, for example, has cartoon puzzles joyfully mixed with collage puzzle game sets that are all near-identical in size – perfect if you want a variety or need something low-key at work!

Labelling Your Shelves

It’s not necessary to have your shelves tagged, but I like its look, and it does make things easier to find at a glance. I used these shelf tags here because they were the cheapest I could find and match my shelving design; however if you are interested in other strategies or want higher quality labels with Avery address labels printed on most home printers!

Puzzle Status

I use Avery labels in transparent to create tags I put on the back of my completed puzzles. The self-adhesive label can be pulled off without damaging anything and is perfect for me because often, I buy older puzzles from eBay that might not come with inserts or a box cover, so it’s nice to have extra information about them. But, at the same time, they’re still new enough to need one

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